Commercial Aluminum Door Maintenance

Here at Baer Glass, Inc. we understand the importance of having your doors and window serviced. Fall and Spring are great times to get your doors and windows serviced. In the spring we have storms with a lot of wind and rain that will test your hinges and hardware. In the winter you want to make sure your doors and windows are closing and they shut tight to keep out drafts. We replace fogged or broken glass in doors and windows of all types plus we offer a 24-hour emergency line for your convenience.
Damage Door - Residential Glass in West Peoria, IL
Don’t let your door look like this!
We replace older doors and windows with new up to date types of window and doors with all of the new hardware designs. We also can quickly and easily repair older doors and windows to stay within your budget. We are familiar with all types of aluminum doors and windows and all types of hardware for them like closers, panic devices, crash bars, hinges and pivots, push / pull hardware, thresholds, access control, and seals. We also service and sell all major brands of aluminum drive thru and walk-up windows. Call us for all of your Commercial Aluminum Door and Window needs!