Commercial Aluminum Storefront

Our experience is why we are involved in projects from the start to the finish. We specialize in small to medium commercial glazing jobs like Churches and Small Businesses that have older storefront that need to be updated. Baer Glass, Inc. will work with your Architect if you have one or we will work directly with you or your Designer or Contractor if you do not have an Architect.
Serious bearded constructor using tool - commercial glass in West Peoria, IL
We keep up on all of the new changes to the building codes plus we will work with other trades to make your project run smoothly and on time. We will meet with you and go over what you want to do. Then we will provide a free estimate with all items detailed in an easy to read manor. We are fully insured and trained in all aspects of the Glazing and Fenestration Industry. Call us for all of your Commercial Aluminum Door and Window needs!