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Broken Glass Instructions

Use the following method if there is enough glass left to copy the curve of the glass.

The following text and photos are a guide to obtaining correct measurements to replace your curved glass panel.

If you have an intact section of the bottom or top of the glass panel, drawing the curvature pattern will be easy. Place the piece upright on a sheet of paper and outline it with pen or pencil.

Be sure to outline (draw completely around) both sides and the ends.

This pattern represents the radius (curvature) and the width that will be reproduced.

The only other measurement needed is the height.

This is measured from top to bottom inside the frame where the glass fits. The best measuring device is a narrow steel tape, or a ladies cloth sewing tape. Be sure to order the glass slightly shorter than the measurement to allow room for out-of-square frames and for easier installation.

Send (mail) this measurement along with the traced out-line to us and we will contact you with a price quote.

Note: You cannot fax or email the drawings because electronic transmission will distort the actual size and curvature of the drawing.

What Our Clients are Saying

Tom Garland

OUTSTANDING! Noel and Terry were amazingly courteous and professional, while doing an absolutely fantastic job on the installation. I would recommend Baer Glass to my closest friends.

Tom Garland
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